*""% those prices

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Armin Buettner
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*""% those prices

Hi Saturnites

I've been in Milano for a day and went to the Black Saint record shop (not connected with the label) and asked for Sun Ra Records. Well he had about seven of them, among them a first pressing of Supersonic Sounds (Saturn). He said he was not going to sell them, since he was preparing them for an auction. I could "look but not touch" I asked him to send me the auctionlist. He looked me up and down for what i was worth and asked me: "Are you sure you can afford these?". He told me the minimum bid for each of the items (Not all were as rare as "Supersonic Sounds") will be 600 (sixhundred) DOLLARS. I said "i guess prices went up since he died" His mouth said "yes" But his ugly grin said "Stupid guy with holes in your shoes! Don't you know i'm the one who made them go up?"

In my eyes he can eat his records!

If anyone is still interested, i can give you the adress


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