"The Sun Myth" on ESP 1017

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#1 Wed, 1997-02-05 20:06
J E Demby Jr
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"The Sun Myth" on ESP 1017


the matrix number engraved in side A of my Heliocentric vol. 2 is ESP 1017A 152 and DBH is in a rectangle. Side B has ESP 1017B 152 DBH (also in a rectangle). Also, the labels on side A and side B are identical. The labels have are a picture of Sun Ra, with no text, the same picture that is on the bottom of the front cover. On the back cover, there is an address to write for a free catalog. The address is: ESP-DISK 156 Fifth Avenue New York, N. Y. 10010

Also, I listened to Sun Myth again last night, and I would not describe the African voices as loud, but they are audible throughout the piece at variable levels. I hope this helps.

James D.