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Joe Castleman
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[yet again] Re: nearly free jazz/avant garde

By now I'm probably guilty of giving myshopnow.com more attention than it merits... But, of all the weird things, the web site now says that their top-selling CD is now Legendary Pink Dots' "Brighter Now." It was under "Weekly Specials" and then when I followed the link, it said it was the number 1 top selling item. Is anyone besides me familiar with this group? "Brighter Now" was their first album, I think from 1982. It has new cover art so I guess somone re-released it. I don't think it was their best effort, it sounds pretty dated. Did this album suddenly become famous for some reason? Or maybe there is a Legendary Pink Dots mailing list, much like Saturn, and all of the members went to the web site and ordered the CD en masse.

Unless they somehow knew that I had heard of the group? There was no "favorite artists" questionnaire; I haven't even listened to them in 6 or 7 years...

Very weird!

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