William Hooker/Eyvind Kang - LIVE in Seattle 10/20 & 10/21 FYI!!!

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William Hooker/Eyvind Kang - LIVE in Seattle 10/20 & 10/21 FYI!!!

given that many of you on this list do not live in seattle i have tried to make this promo email as informative as possible....

....thanks for listening, and hope all's good w/all of you, J.L.K.

PeruviaNighTrain Productions & Wall of Sound are proud to present: ~ two very special shows on Sat. 10/20 & Sun. 10/21 ~ feat. Knitting Factory recording artist William Hooker (drums)

and Tzadik (John Zorn's label) rec. artist Eyvind Kang (violin)

Here's the lowdown:

  • WILLIAM HOOKER (NYC) & EYVIND KANG (Seattle) {with a special guest appearance by guitarist Bill Horist}
  • CHARLES GOCHER (the Sun City Girls' drummer) FEAT. PINT-SIZED SPARTACUS AT: THE RAINBOW - 722 NE 45th St. [Seattle] venue phone: 206.634.1761 ON: SATURDAY, OCTOBER 20th - 9:30pm sharp. TICKETS: $8 dos and in advance via ticketweb.com

or at Wall of Sound (2nd & Bell) / 21+ only

  • THE WALLY SHOUP TRIO, featuring: bassist REUBEN RADDING & drummer BOB REES AT: SUNSET TAVERN - 5433 Ballard Ave NW [Seattle] venue phone: 206.784.4880 ON: SUNDAY, OCTOBER 21st - 9:00pm sharp.

TICKETS: $7 dos (day of show) only / 21+ only

For more on the fine supporting artists, please refer to: - Climax Golden Twins: http://www.climaxgoldentwins.com - Charles Gocher: http://www.gravelvoice.com/scg/scg.html (additional info avail. via an http://www.allmusic.com search) - Bill Horist: http://www.billhorist.com - Wally Shoup: http://www.speakeasy.org/wshoup - Reuben Radding: http://www.acousticinterview.com/reuben.html

- Bob Rees: http://www.beecraft.com/bob.htm

WILLIAM HOOKER BIO: (more: http://www.knittingfactory.com/hooker &


Working on the periphery of the jazz world since he moved to New York in 1974, William Hooker's kinetically charged, free-time drumming style and spoken word poetry have been matched with some of the finest improvising talent across generations and stylistic boundaries. From solo explorations to collaborations with Billy Bang, Lee Ranaldo, and DJ Olive, Hooker's music has surfaced on a smattering of independently minded record labels aiming to document some of the most distinctive musicians working this indefinable terrain. Born in New Britain, CT, on June 18, 1946, William Hooker initially approached the drum kit with reluctance. Hesitancy was soon replaced by commitment, however, and at age 12, he was getting his first taste of performing, supporting the Isley Brothers, Dionne Warwick, and Gary "U.S." Bonds as a member of the Flames. In college, he enrolled in a course on 20th Century Composers, writing a paper on the atonal music of Alban Berg. Combined with an independent study of the jazz albums on Blue Note Records, the drummer was ensured a unique music education. Local musicians like the tenor saxophonist Al Pitts and bassist Bob Snell provided more practical tutelage. Hooker eventually made a trek out to the West Coast with his good friend Tyrone Lampkin (future drummer for Parliament/Funkadelic), an eye- opening experience for the young musician. While he was disappointed by the lack of ability on the jazz scene as a whole, the radical consciousness of the period led to his initial attempts at "free" playing. Hooker moved back to Hartford, CT, where he lived briefly before heading to New York in 1974. In his new home, the drummer quickly established himself amongst the city's jazz, loft scene. The new jazz of Delmark and Actuel BYG began replacing the Blue Note Records in his collection. Unable to find a label for himself, Hooker established the non-profit Reality Unit Concepts to fund his debut, 1978's Is Eternal Life, a collection of solo, duo, and trio performances with prominent tenor saxophonists David Murray and David S. Ware and altoist Jemeel Moondoc. Hooker spent much of the 1980s hard at work, performing with a number of his own ensembles. Rather than establishing a regular unit, the drummer drew from a community of musicians that included trumpeter Lewis Barnes, saxophonists Blaise Siwula and Charles Compo, pianist Mark Hennen, and guitarist Jesse Henry. Sadly, little of the music he made during the decade found its way onto records. It wasn't until the early '90s that more outlets became available. Hooker's work emerged on independent labels like Knitting Factory, Silkheart, and Homestead. The drummer began receiving increasing attention from the underground rock sector. Fans and artists of post-punk and indie rock were turning their ear toward experimental and improvised music, including the sort of free jazz Hooker performed. Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore, a longtime admirer of the genre, released the drummer's Subconscious album (1994) on his Ecstatic Peace label. Hooker soon began performing with younger musicians beyond the immediate scope of jazz (oftentimes at Knitting Factory jams). Shamballa (1993) pits Hooker's fiery drumming against the unkempt feedback bursts of Moore and the calculated guitar electronics of Elliot Sharp. Envisioning (1994) captures an improv date with Sonic Youth's Lee Ranaldo that includes spoken word segments. The duo was joined by the ecstatic electric harp work of Zeena Parkins for the date that produced 1995's the Gift of Tongues. Hooker also brought electronics into his music, collaborating with Brian Doherty, Doug Walker, and Gert-Jan Prins, and turntablists DJ Olive (on 1995's Armageddon and 1997's Mindfulness) and Christian Marclay (2000's Bouquet). [bio credit:

nathan bush - http://www.allmusic.com]


(more: via an http://www.allmusic.com search)

Seattle-based violinist Eyvind Kang studied music at Cornish College for the Arts, in addition to studying violin with the legendary Michael White. He is a composer and performer who has produced a number of remarkable works to widespread acclaim, as well as collaborated with a diverse range of musicians and artists. In 1994, Kang received an Artist Support Program grant (by the Jack Straw Foundation) and used it to record the first seven of his series of musical compositions called NADEs (NADE: {Sanskrit} - channels of the subtle body / also: sound / also: nothingness). This recording, 7 NADEs, was released on the Tzadik label in 1996 - and described by Spin Magazine as "omnivorous and effortlessly otherworldly". John Zorn described it as "One of the quirkiest and most indescribable of sound sculptures from a new generation of experimentalists. A composition that will bring new revelations with each listening. Kang is one sick puppy." Two years later it was followed by his "Theater of Mineral NADEs" (Tzadik/1998) - which was called "a masterpiece" by the Willamette Weekly (Portland, OR). This epic work, a year and a half in the making, is Kang's personal take on 'East' and 'West'. Using structures similar to those of classical music, and conventions similar to those in jazz, Kang draws inspiration from a global myriad of traditional and popular styles. Besides composing and playing his own material (and occasionally playing the tuba), Kang has played violin in Bill Frisell's "Quartet" (along with Bill's band "The Willies" feat. banjo wizard Danny Barnes of the Bad Livers), with John Zorn, the Sun City Girls, and more recently, in Wayne Horvitz' 4 + 1 Ensemble. He has also performed and/or recorded with the Iranian tar master Amir Koushkani, Mexican rock band El Gran Silencio, Los Parasitos, Arto Lindsay, Secret Chiefs 3 (feat. Mr. Bungle's Trey Spruance & Trevor Dunn), Laurie Anderson, Dying Ground (feat. Kato Hideki & G. Calvin Weston), Ikue Mori, Aiko Shimada, Boredoms, Beck, Marc Ribot, Medeski Martin and Wood, DJ Logic, Zony Mash, Briggan Krauss, Graham Haynes, Mark Feldman, Reuben Radding, Joe McPhee, Michael Bisio, Deformations, and many others. Moreover, Eyvind has performed on numerous film, theater and dance soundtracks - including Gus Van Sant's "Finding Forrester" and Chris Eyre's "Skins". In 1999, an album with clarinetist Francois Houle and drummer Dylan VanDerSchyff entitled "Pieces of Time" was released on the Canadian label Spool. In 2000, his composition "Garland of Virginal Co- ordinates" for chamber orchestra with voice and 12-speaker sound installation was performed in Bologna, Italy at the Angelica Festival, with the noted "Playground" ensemble and vocalist Mike Patton. His most recent CD "The Story of Iceland" (Tzadik/2000), was praised as "timeless...invoking the honour of an unknown place" by the French music journal Octopus. It features a rare appearance of Indian violinist Kala Ramnath, a bizarre cult anthem ('10:10') and a beautiful piece scored for gamelan. In early 2001, his composition for solo bass "The Bright Shadow, for Leonard Peltier" was performed

by acclaimed bassist Jon Deak at the Merkin Concert Hall in New York.

OTHER WILLIAM HOOKER WEST COAST TOUR DATES: * October 22nd, 2001 - The Satyricon, Portland, OR - feat. Miss Murgatroid - * October 24th & 25th, 2001 -

Venue(s) TBA, Oakland, CA

For more info please do not hesitate to contact: James - PeruviaNighTrain Productions

+ reply to this email ~ or ~ call 206.664.1086 +