"The Ark & the Ankh"

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"The Ark & the Ankh"

Dear Saturnites,

Back in August, notice was posted to our list about "The Ark & the Ankh," & Michael Wilderman added to the original posting by notifying us that one of his photos is on the cover, as I remember. Here is some more news about "The Ark & the Ankh" that was posted to the avant-garde list.

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In the mid-1960s, the visionary, otherworldly musician Sun Ra formed a brief but tight bond with the late storyteller, activist and poet Henry Dumas.

The Ark and the Ankh is a 1966 document of dialogues and meditations between the poet and the musician set to the fervent musical experiments of the Arkestra.

The Ark and the Ankh offers an essential insight into the quirkily brilliant, totally controversial and completely inimitable thought of Sun Ra candidly shared with and challenged by one of his most adoring disciples.

The Ankh and The Ark features a new introduction by the executor of the Henry Dumas Estate, Eugene B. Redmond and a reprint of a scarce article and interview by Henry Dumas that was originally published in the Hiram Poetry Review.

The Ark and The Ankh is available on CD and a picture disc limited to 250 copies worldwide.

About Henry Dumas

Born on July 20, 1934 in Sweet Home, Arkansas, Henry Dumas is the coveted author of many collections of short stories such as Ark of Bones (1970), Rope of Wind (1979),Poetry for My People (1970) and the wonderful anthology Goodbye Sweetwater.

Through his writing, he produced a unique form of magical realism, at once grounded in the tactical reality of racial turmoil and a symbolic, mythic sense of possible cultural landscapes. He has gained cult-like status as one of this century's most important black writers. His work has been labeled genius and brilliant by the likes of Amiri Baraka and Toni Morrison. Henry Dumas's life was tragically cut short on May 23, 1968 after leaving a rehearsal at Sun Ra's practice space when he was shot to death in a Harlem Subway station by a New York City transit cop.

This is the first of two intended volumes from the private tapes of Henry Dumas.

CDs can be ordered directly from our website for $13 postage paid in North America.

Ikef Records . P.O. Box 220426 . Chicago . Illinois . 60622 . www.ikefrecords.com , info@ikefrecords.com .

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