10th Waitawhile Sun Ra Convention, 31-May / 01-Jun

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10th Waitawhile Sun Ra Convention, 31-May / 01-Jun

The 10th Waitawhile Sun Ra Convention has happened, - as all other editions of this event by preparation and hosted by Hartmut Geerken and Sigrid Hauff in the Sun Ra Archive centre of the world, that is in Waitawhile (Wartaweil, Herrsching, close to Munich), Germany.

International participation, - from the US, Spain, UK, Germany, Corea, (did I miss any more?)

This years agenda demanded two days. The second day included a diversion into La Monte Young who is offering a new installation and performance close to the Wartawhile center, that is in Polling.

But back to the 10th Waitawhile Sun Ra Convention. Another experience! What I am proud of to have experienced there are these (not in timely sequential order):

  • Listened to the Helsinki concert from 1971

  • Listened to a radio play for the Finnish Radio, yet to be broadcast

  • Saw an original of one of the very rare letters of Alton E. Abraham, from 1985

  • Got a copy of the last year's proceedings, by Klaus Detlef Thiel, of the 2002 Sun Ra Convention (where I did not attend: this one has happened in March 2002, in Gambia)

  • Got the Convention's official t-shirt, created and made possible by Suso Navarrete.

There were many more items on the agenda. I should mention also the contributions sent in by OmniSonic and by OmniPress. As for more earthern needs, lovely food available from the kitchen and oven of the two hosts, plus wine and cheese gracefully offered by Johnson Wines and Comestibili (CH).

Let me stop here, - perhaps to be continued.

Enjoy! AJK