wierd mail bounces

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#1 Tue, 1998-02-17 17:23
Chris Trent
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wierd mail bounces

Sorry to inject this purely administrative message, but this is just to say that many people have been receiving strange "Mail failure" bounce messages from an energrated.bc.ca address, after they had posted messages to the Saturn list. These should now have stopped (or maybe, they will soon stop, given the odd delays which emails sometimes incur ...)

Basically, one Saturn subscriber's account could no longer receive email - not too unusual - but its mail relay also happened to have a completely different email address (making it difficult to find out where the problem really was), and the mail relay site then sent its bounce messages to the wrong recipients: to those people who posted messages to the Saturn list, in fact.

Thanks to those people who sent in the bounce messages complete with all the mail header lines - it was really helpful in sorting this out.

Chris Trent cdt@vega.demon.co.uk