KZSU's Day of Noise

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Joe Brenner
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KZSU's Day of Noise

Wednesday night at Midnight (PST), KZSU's "Day of Noise" will begin, a 24 hour marathon devoted to live improvised sound.

KZSU is the Stanford radio station, broadcasting on 90.1FM, but as always, KZSU can be heard over the net via either RealAudio or the infamous "Cyber Radio":

Some notable highlights of the schedule (can you spot the Sun Ra fans?):

Midnight - 1:30AM   Weird Blinking Lights
2AM - 10AM          Minimal Doom
10AM - 11AM         Graham Connah and friends
11:30AM - 1PM       Brian Kane and his Ambient Banjo
1PM - 3PM           Manufacturing of Humidifiers
3PM - 4PM+          "Nothing"
6PM - 7PM           Moe! Stainano and Humans
7PM - 8:30PM        Gino Robair
8:30PM - 9:30PM     Offramp
10:30PM - 11:30PM   Allegory Chapel
11:30PM - Midnight  Grand finale (collaboration)

Hint: I would guess that most people on this list would want to tune in for Graham Connah's sampling keyboard work and Manufacturing of Humidifiers (with Dan Plonsey, and not coincidentally, both Graham and Dan are on the SATURN list). I also highly recommend Offramp, and of course Gino Robair (who produced the WAVELENGTH INFINITY tribute CD).