What If

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Jeffrey Little
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What If

Listening to some early Ska-Talites today I was struck with the crazy "What If" notion of "What if Sun Ra had gone the Ska route for his commercial jones as opposed to R&B/DooWop?" I mean, some of this stuff is right in his pocket. It could have been a crazy ride. As in, or as out, as he could have taken it. Anyway, fruitless, idle speculation.

Jeffrey Little

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FOUND ON: http://www.counterpunch.org/

http://www.counterpunch.org/cassidy07142006.html How the Irish Invented Jazz

interesting indeed! and i also found this article there:


How the Irish Invented American Gambling Slang The Sanas (Irish Etymology) of Faro, Poker and the Secret Flash Words for the Brotherhood of American Gamblers

I-) ihor

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