Going Boldly into The Future (of the Saturn List)

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#1 Thu, 2010-12-09 22:56
Steven M Scotten
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Going Boldly into The Future (of the Saturn List)

Just want to provide an update on the progress toward moving the list to a new system.

The new mailing list is set up with web-based tools for signing up and signing off. I've given the location to the people who volunteered to test the system out and so far the only issues we've had have been relatively minor and (so far) easy to fix.

What I'm going to do once Chris and I are satisfied that the new system is up to snuff, is add everyone from the current list to the new list. Everyone on this list will get an email with their new username and password for accessing and changing your subscription options.

We aren't yet sure that we will be able to transfer all the options over easily, so this may mean that people subscribed to the digest could become subscribed for individual emails on the new list. I'm going to continue to explore options, but switching yourself back to digest mode will be pretty easy.

Until the end of the year when the current list shuts down, messages sent to the old list will also appear on the new list. This is so that we don't miss any stragglers who accidentally send to the old address. That also means people may get two copies of those messages, one from each server. Again, that will only be for a short time. After that, sending to the old address will get you an email bounce message.

I'm trying to manage this process to be as seamless as possible, but there still may be some bumps along the road. I ask for your patience and forgiveness should one of these issues affect you.

Once the subscribers are all on the new list I will set to the task of making sure that the archives get transferred.

I'm not yet giving out the address to the new list and site because I want to give the beta testers time to tell me if I'm totally crazy or have done everything wrong. Once Chris and I agree that we're good to go I'll unveil the whole enchilada.