"Sun Ra Research"

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Dan Plonsey
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"Sun Ra Research"

Peter Hinds has printed up an 8-page (8.5 x 11) interview with Sun Ra, conducted by Charles Blass (I think). It's the first of several interviews that he will be printing and selling. Next will be an interview conducted by Jennifer Rycenga (11/2/88, recorded & transcribed by me), in at least 2 parts. He's calling the series "Sun RA Research." For a copy, send $4 to Peter (if you send a check, make it out to Peter Hinds) at: P.O. Box 786, Millbrae, CA 94030.

Peter also tells me that he's getting low on some of the editions of Immeasurable Equations, so if you're thinking of ordering one, I'm re-posting the info:

All these are booklets with page size 5.5" x 8.5".

I.E. 86-87 28 pages. $8 Most of the poems were typed on Sun Ra's typewriter (recognizable by his preference for a pseudo-cursive font).

I.E. 89 12 pages. $6 Photos and 3 pages of prose about life, death, government, God, reality, glory & shame, truth, dope, money, freedom, and pride. No poetry.

I.E. 91 approx 50 pages $10 I don't have this one with me...

I.E. 93 52 pages $10 Mostly poetry, a fragment of an interview, some stuff reprinted from earlier editions.

Val Wilmer's article about John Gilmore. 12 pages. $6. "this article first appeared in Jazz magazine(paris) and subsequently in Melody Maker," it says, but I think Peter said this version appeared in Wire a few years ago. 8 pages of text, 4 of photos.

Dan Plonsey