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Dear Friends:

Water: Catch It If You Can

by Susan Pearlstine

is available now at http://www.watercatchit.com www.watercatchit.com or and at your local retailers including http://www.amazon.com www.amazon.com!!

  •          Want to save money and lower your water bill?
  • Concerned with the wasting water in your home, work environment or



Water: Catch It If You Can

A Simple Guide to Saving, Storing and Reusing Water, by Susan Pearlstine

  • Water saving tips to cut your personal water bill in half
  • Recycle water and irrigate your garden for free with rain catchment
  • Learn to make a rain garden for beauty and water conservation

If you are reading this email you have been hand personally selected to please read and review the my book. Be in one of the first 25 reviewers to send the feedback and receive a free aluminum water bottle as thanks from me to you. In order to receive this great gift offer, please answer the feedback form. I am happy for look forward to your honest opinion as this market research will be very helpful.

Also, if you would please take the time to submit a review to http://www.amazon.com www.amazon.com it would be greatly appreciated. (Note: You need not buy my book from Amazon to put a review on their website.)

Feedback Review:

  1. What did you enjoy about this book?
  2. Who would you suggest read this book?

a. Homemakers

b. Gardeners

c. Students (age range please)

d. Those interested in science and environmental issues

e. Anyone trying to reduce their green footprint

f. Others (please specifiy)

  1. What did you take away from reading this book?

  2. Referrals of anyone or organization that should be sent this email

  3. Comments and suggestions

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