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#1 Wed, 1995-01-04 20:20
Trudy Morse
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Re: New Year

Spent the weekend with Cecil Taylor at the Knitting Factory. Read Sun Ra poetry with a 12 piece band all improvised, many strangers, but de- voted to Sun Ra and Cecil Taylor. Dave Burrell on the piano, J. D. Parran, clarinet, Vijay from San Francisco; Dana Reason from Canada, Phil Gelb, from Florida, members of a fascinating band in NYC led by Joe Gallant;, Andre Vida, student of Anthony Braxton; Joe Fonda, Anthony Braxton Ensemble.

Allen Marshall was invited, but did not turn up.


DATE: Wed, 4 Jan 1995 15:26:50 -0500 FROM: D. Kingsley DKingsley@AOL.COM

I saw the Arkestra at the Cooler on New Year's Eve. There was a bittersweet quality to the music and musicians. It was missing that Sunny spark.

Gilmore sat in the back and never once played his horn. He sang on a couple of tunes, but never the lead.