3-LP set "Live at Praxis '84" on offer!

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3-LP set "Live at Praxis '84" on offer!

Hartmut Geerken told me that he had the chance to obtain several of the 3 LP set "Live at Praxis '84" (vol. I/II/III), which he now offers to the Saturn community or any other interested, at the price of DM 25 per LP, plus postal costs.

This set contains the ONLY complete recording of a Sun Ra concert.

For additional information:

  • In Robert Campbell's discography, "The Earthly Recordings of Sun Ra" (published by Cadence): see entry # 305
  • In Hartmut Geerken's "Omniverse Sun Ra": see entries 161, 162, 163

Direct your enquiries to Hartmut Geerken, Wartaweil 37, D 82211 Herrsching, Germany; Tel. +49 8152 2713 (you may mention that you heard it on SATURN...)