Fwd: Mark Fox fund-raising for a documentary on Jimmi EsSpirit


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Fwd: Mark Fox fund-raising for a documentary on Jimmi EsSpirit

Help me make it happen for 'EsSpirit - From Beyond This Realm' on Indiegogo

Though we're not directly involved with this project, I've been asked to forward the Email you see below.  Percussionist and spiritual traveler Jimmy Hopps—now known as Jimmi EsSpirit, the Spirit Man—was a boyhood friend of Motown’s Marvin Gaye and a young piano prodigy who later switched to drums.  Jimmi had stints with Bo Diddley, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Pharoah Sanders, and even 33 far-out days with the man from outer space himself, Sun Ra.  Jimmi was moved to leave professional music and pursue spiritual studies after the death of his idol, Duke Ellington.  Jimmy’s friendship with and esteem for jazz pianist Joe Bonner prompted him to settle in Denver in 2004.  Lately he has returned to performing on a drum kit after years as a percussionist and bongo player.  He presently lives in Black Hawk, Colorado, sharing space with the documentary filmmaker Mark Fox (see below).


From: Mark Fox [mailto:markfox@diggnity.com]
Sent: Friday, May 04, 2012 8:57 PM
To: Mark Fox
Subject: Help me make it happen for 'EsSpirit - From Beyond This Realm' on Indiegogo


Hey Everyone-

I’ve just launched an indiegogo.com campaign for my epic historic documentary on the jazz world - “EsSpirit – From Beyond This Realm”.  Doing a $60K raise request and I know that getting interest and funding on the quick really helps spur interest and support for the project.  Please pass it forward your networks and throw some money at it to grease the wheels.  If there's anyone in your circles that are jazz lover or indie-film supports and can even put a hundred or more at it, please forward this on to them... The more contributor and people interested, more that come on board with these things!

This project has been 5 years in the making thus far, and I’ve almost wrapped production.  One more trip to the East Coast and another to Denver, plus lots of archival footage resourcing, acquisition & licensing, and of course 6-9 months of editing, and we’ll have ourselves an epic, like-never-done-before picture(s).  So you know, project is of major historic importance and uniqueness, an historic film told from the originators of this most & maybe only original American art-form, so-called jazz.  Close to 50 of the living legends of the jazz world have contributed interviews & performances to this project.  It is a musician-to-musician, insider’s view of this deeply spiritual, creative and expressive world.

The project can be viewed and contributed to on the indiegogo site: http://www.indiegogo.com/esspirit

I've also set up a facebook page for the project - http://www.facebook.com/esspiritfilm
Friend the project and "like" it too.  All this helps.

And of course, forward the below to EVERYONE you know that may throw some dollars &/or love at this.  If enough of us get behind it, we can make 'EsSpirit - From Beyond This Realm' happen.

Mark Fox | Producer • Director • Editor • Janitor
(C) 504.553.7796








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