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F Maas
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Re: Future of the SATURN list?


Isn't listserv free if someone uses it being a member of the academic world? I mean, a university (department) could take the saturnlist and -archives over? It's teh backbone of internet, isn't it?

Forgive if I'm mistaken. Always thought it worked this way. Unfortunately my contract with a (Dutch) university ended, I would delighted to help out otherwise. (Or, maybe, some members of the list would be willing to donate ... I sure would if the list and archives would be saved.)

Best to you all, from Holland,

Frank Maas

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John, Steven,

Yes, the current host of this list is stopping the service at the start of January.

As Steven says, The software they use (Listserv) is an expensive commercial product - the alternatives are software such as he suggests (mailman) or else reconstituting ourselves as something like a Yahoo group. I think Steven's offer to set up a GNU mailman installation would be a good way to go.

The archives are downloadable as monthly digests - I have started to accumulate all of these. At the worst, these large text files could be available as downloads, but having searchable archives has been really useful, and it would be good to figure out how to restore that capability on whatever new system we can put together. As Steven says, it's probably a much bigger job than moving subscribers to a new mail server system.

More later,