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Re: saturday night live

Also, somewhere I have a tape of that old David Sanborn live music show, Night Music, with Ra & The Arkestra. I'll dig it up, as I would like to know who the other guest artist was.

Syd Straw and Al Green were also on that show.

Oh yes...they were given microphones to sing backup on "Space is the Place" at the end of the program. They looked confused and even embarrassed by the situation. June grooving away as she usually would, and Sanborn took a Marshall Allen-type solo. Syd and Al clearly didn't know what to make of it all.

I'm amazed that Sunday Night (the first name for the show)/Night Music lasted as long as it did (three seasons maybe? no less than two). Other musical appearances included Christian Marclay, Tim Berne, the Residents, Taj Mahal, Pere Ubu, John Zorn, Nick Cave, etc etc. Very diverse and generally of a high standard of quality.

Also, regarding the SNL appearance...I seem to remember that the Arkestra squeezed at least three different tunes into a short three minute-or so medley. One of the melodies was "The Satellites are Spinning", I think.