"The Singles"

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#1 Tue, 1996-10-01 12:27
Darrell K Fennell
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"The Singles"

Absolutely terrific compilation. The liner notes of our Robert Campell (and the discographical digging) were superb.

One question, however: Shouldn't the blurb on the back have said that the collection was the "Rosetta Stone" for Sun Ra collectors, rather than the "Holy Grail"? The collection, after all, sheds a whole new light on the masterpieces (as well as the socio-economic milieu Sun Ra sprang from). I now wish I had saved all the discussion about SABP and exotica!

BTW, now that we know that "Deep Purple" is pushed back to 1948/49 does anyone have any idea what the electric keyboard Sun Ra uses (in addition to the piano) on that cut is?