where to order Tchicai-CD

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#1 Thu, 1995-11-09 09:41
John Tchicai
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where to order Tchicai-CD

On Tue, 7 Nov 1995, Jim Johnson wrote:

On a very seperate and unrelated note, where can I order the John Tchicai CD that was mentioned on here recently? And since I have been away for awhile, am I mistaken or was that Mr. Tchicai himself that I saw on SATURN?

Try Tower-Records (key-)stores, or call 1-800-648-4844 to order direct which can take a long time, or call Distribution North America at (617) 354-0700 ext. 216, 240, 217 or220.

It must have been me on SATURN, I do get around.

Greetings, John Tchicai