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Re: Sunday night in Oak Park IL

From: Sun Ra and his Arkestra on behalf of jeff machota Sent: Tuesday, November 05, 1996 10:58 AM To: Multiple recipients of list SATURN Subject: Re: Sunday night in Oak Park IL

Jeff and All, The complete personnel for Sunday's concert: Marshall Allen alto/director James Jackson bassoon/ flute Noel Scott tenor sax Charles Davis baritone sax Tyrone Hill trombone Kwame Hadi trumpet Michael Ray trumpet Fred Adams trumpet Juney Booth bass Rollo Radford electric bass Damon Choice vibes Samarai Celestial drums Elson Nascimento percussion Art Jenkins space vocals

BTW- John Ore's health / eye problems, prevented his appearance.

Thanks to all who supported the weekend of music and the was an unforgettable weekend. Thanks Len! Thanks also for your support of the restoration of Frank Lloyd Wright's Unity Temple. We hope to bring you much more great music at Unity Temple.

Regards, Scott Black-Unity Temple

Hello all, I had a great time at the concert in the Unity Temple Sunday night. Thanks to all involved for organizing the concert. I wonder if someone could post a list of all the personel in the ARkestra that night?