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Re: May we add you to our communications list

From: Sun Ra and his Arkestra on behalf of Bill Shefte (by way of Bill Shefte Sent: Monday, December 02, 1996 5:54 PM To: Multiple recipients of list SATURN Subject: May we add you to our communications list


My company manages bands & produces promotional tours for various acts (some regional & some on major labels) and produces events. Every once in a while we send out a press release to give people updates about these bands, tours, &/or events.

I would like your permission to add you to our update list.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE ADDED TO THE LIST, please return this ENTIRE message (WITH the subject line) so we can locate your address in our database and move it to the active list. Also, if you want to be added to our list tell us if you might fall into any particular category such as band, record label, publicist, publisher, college advisor, fraternity, college entertainment board, etc.

IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE ADDED TO THE LIST, or you are already on one of our lists, do nothing and will not be added (or added again).



Bill, I am Executive Director of the Unity Temple Restoration Foundation. Also the Founder of "Creative and Improvised Music at Unity Temple", a series of concerts to raise awareness and funds for the restoration of this Frank Lloyd Wright designed building. We are booking about 10 acts this year and anticipate around 20 next year. So far we have been featuring local AACM, Tatsu Aoki, the Arkestra, Joanne Brackeen, Matthew Shipp/William Parker, etc. (to give you an idea of our areas of interest) Regards, Scott Black (708)386-3546