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Re: APB on the situation in Phi

First, anyone who can help should make a contribution, even a small one. I know that Jerry Gordon gave them several boxes of CDs for them to sell a couple of weeks ago, but that's just a beginning.


I am by no means an expert on Sun Ra and didn't really know anything about him or his music until I came across this list and joined because it was jazz-related. I bought Jazz In Silhouette shortly after subscribing and thought it was brilliant, and I am now slowly building up my collection. I don't really understand the situation with the band, but assume that all of the royalties etc. associated with their work were tied up with Sun Ra. I am not rich by any means and there is no way I could make a dent in the money the band needs, but I would feel guilty if I sat at home listening to their music knowing that they were destitute. I am sure that if everyone contributed an amount equivalent to the cost of a CD it would help.

By the way, how can money be contributed?

I am leaving for the States on Thursday and hope to pick up a couple more Ra CDs while I am there as well as Dr Cambel's book which I havn't found over here.


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