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#1 Wed, 1994-07-27 18:32
Ronald S Russ
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Re: Tapes and John Gilmnore

I would think that people should send what they could afford within reason. Some folks might have more money than others. Probably the price of a tape would be a good place to start, from there it could vary. This is really based more on honor than anything else

Ron Russ

On Wed, 27 Jul 1994, Jim Fournier wrote:

How would everyone feel about paying John 25 cents per cassette copy ?

I personally had in mind something more along the lines of $5. Now, I realize that I'm fortunate to be old (43), well-established, and employed in an industry that pays relatively high salaries. But I think of it this way.

If these cassettes were to be commercially available, I'd certainly be willing to buy them at the standard price for cassettes, which I believe to be in the $7-10 range here in Boston (I don't buy many pre-recorded cassettes). And the vast majority of that money would go to the thieves and fools in the recording industry. So to my mind, getting the cassettes for near half-price and knowing that all of the money goes directly to the artists responsible for my many, many hours of enjoyment seems like a real bargain.