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R Lynn Rardin
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Re: Jordan/Gilmore

Peter Roberts wrote:

About the Jordan/Gilmore reissue: For the vinyl freaks out there (of which I am one), you can also get this and other recent Blue Notes in that series as an audiophile quality, 180g lp pressing! It does not, however, have the additional track "Let It Stand" or the photos included in the cd issue, but it's nice just the same.

This is typical of the series--the LPs usually lack any extra material. Also, note that you can redeem 10 of the wrap-around jewel box labels and original cash register receipts for a Blue Note watch. This offer doesn't apply to the vinyl.

Glenn and I were discussing the limited nature of the LP runs today. The LPs from the first batch of Blue Note Connoisseur Series releases disappeared around here very quickly and haven't reappeared (although the CDs came, went and returned). So if you want the LPs, you should get them while you can.