archiving poetry, etc....

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#1 Wed, 1994-11-09 05:57
Peter M Roberts
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archiving poetry, etc....

Trudy Morse wrote:

Peter, I am so overwhelmed what can be done on computer! Can we get the poetry on computer? And coded? I have hundreds of poems. What is involved in this? The poems are all neatly typed and indexed, by Sun Ra. Trudy

Trudy, I think there are several possibilities for getting typewritten stuff put on computer. Unfortunately, I personally know very little about database management. I'm good at handling large volumes of earthquake data (that's my professional bag), but when it comes to archiving and maintaining anything a human being can read, I'm at a loss. If Sun Ra's poems are neatly typed, there's a chance the typewritten sheets can be electronically scanned and converted into so-called ASCII text files. These files could then be put into a format that would be relatively easy to build into a so-called relational database (that's basically a large volume of individual entries that can be assigned identifying attributes that make cross-referencing, etc. easy). I get the impression that something like this may have been used in the Geerken/Hefele book? I suppose that if the copyright issues are ever resolved, the poetry database could be made available as a home page on the World-Wide-Web? Anyway, I have an old friend from MIT who's now in Boulder. He's an expert in computerized database stuff. I could give him a call if you like. He's a long-time jazz fan (not sure how devoted he is to Sun Ra, though) and I'll bet he would have some good ideas about the best system to use for such a task.