Saturn collection details(!)

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Saturn collection details(!)

The following is an exhaustive list describing the details of Saturn issues in my collection. It's finally (gasp) done! Enough people expressed an interest that I decided I might as well post it to the list. Any comments, suggestions, complaints, chastisement are more than welcome. A word of warning....the list uses a lot of tedious abbreviations intended to make it compact yet comprehensive. The codes used are completely ad-hoc because I know of no "standard" system in use for describing Saturn jackets and labels. If there is one (rlc?), please let me know and I will gladly adopt it. The list is fixed unformatted 80-column text, so it will print out painlessly. My hope is that this compilation will prove useful for further identifying the vast number of variations that Saturns have been issued under. The best examples, of course, are the ones in the Geerken/Hefele book, since you can actually look at pictures of them. A lot of my copies of the same issues are quite different from those, but the only way I can think of to convey the information is in the form of the following list. SO...enjoy or hit the delete key now!!!!!

Peter Roberts

Here goes........


COLOR ABBREVIATIONS: bl = blue bk = black grn = green or = orange sil = silver wh = white yel = yellow lt = light (i.e., lt-bl=light blue)

mul = multiple (three or more) colors

NOTES ON COLOR DESCRIPTIONS: No attempt was made to describe colors used on hand-drawn jackets or labels. It is safe to assume that "mul" would apply to virtually all of these, however. When only one color is listed, it is the background color on which standard color text info is printed (usually bk,wh,sil or bl). Designs using two or more colors are indicated with the above codes connected by "+". The last one

listed is the background color. Four or more are listed as "mul+".

ABBREVIATIONS USED FOR GENERAL DESCRIPTIONS OF JACKETS AND LABELS: ca = photo-copied artwork label on disc (bk+wh unless otherwise noted) cs = photo-copied Saturn label on disc (bk+wh unless otherwise noted) gen = generic, no album info (short for "nnj,naj,ntj" or "nnl,nal,ntl") hd = hand-drawn (unique artwork, colored-in "pa" items, etc.) ho = hand-ornamented (cut-out, stuck-on items, shapes as part of artwork) hw = hand-written information ls = labels swapped on disc naj = no album title indicated on either side of jacket nal = no album title indicated on label nnj = no identifying numbers on either side of jacket nnl = no identifying numbers on label ntj = no tune titles listed on either side of jacket ntl = no tune titles listed on label pa = pasted-up, printed artwork or photos (often used in "ho,hd" artwork) pp = professionally printed (default on labels unless otherwise noted) sic = "not a typo!" tn = paper sheet with typewritten notes taped onto jacket tw = typewritten information on stick-on label tape, etc. Ch. = Chicago address explicitly on label (regardless of true origin) Ph. = Philadelphia address explicitly on label Th. = Thoth Intergalactic label J.G. = John Gilmore J.T. = June Tyson M.A. = Marshall Allen P.P. = Pat Patrick Ra = the spaceman himself!

U.A. = Unidentified Arkestra member(s)...just means I don't recognize them.

SPECIAL SYMBOLS USED: () --> serial number, if any, on jacket and at bottom of Ch. labels [] --> matrix number, if any, on record label (not always identical to wax #) / ---> separates info for side A from B (discs) or front from back (jackets)

: ---> for matrix numbers, everything preceding ":" is identical on sides A+B.

GENERAL NOTES: In some cases ("nal" and "naj") album titles were derived from matrix numbers. No other assumptions were made. This list is purely descriptive. For instance, not all "Ch." labels were necessarily manufactured in Chicago. This is the case (probably) for all "cs,Ch." labels, which were most likely produced in Philadelphia by typewriting new info over photo copies of older Chicago labels. Virtually all Chicago-produced labels are professionally printed and bear the Chicago address. This implies that, in general, labels with no address are probably from Philly. This includes the semi-professional shiny white label, even though one of these listed below says "Chicago" on one side (but nothing on the other side!). Thanks to Robert Campbell for most of this information. Matrix numbers are frequently found in two locations on Saturns. The first, and most reliable, is etched in the wax (vinyl) next to the label. This is sometimes the only means of identifying an album's contents. The other location is on the disc label, usually on the left or right near the side number. These are shown below enclosed in brackets. There are often significant differences between wax and label matrix numbers! Serial (catalogue) numbers, when shown,

are usually on the album jacket and/or at the bottom center of the label.

 TITLE         IN WAX          front/back             A/B (SER.# at bottom)


Deep Purple 485-:A/B pa,ho,hd/ or,Ch.(485)/ tn (485) same Angels & Demons unknown- pp,bk+gold amoeboid/same unknown-sealed At Play sealed (SR-9956-2-P on spine) Super-Sonic Jazz H70P-: pp,yel+bl "view of void"/ or,Ch.(204)/same 216/217 notes (LP-0216) [H70P-:216/217] Sun Ra Visits 9956-11-:A/B pp,mul+wh void/ red,Ch./same Planet Earth notes (9956-11-A) [9956-11-:A/B] Sound Sun SR-512-:A/B pp,bk+wh Ra+ sun medal/ red,Ch.(512)/same Pleasure eye+notes (LP-512) [SR-512-:A/B] The Nubians SR-9956- pp,red+wh Pedreguera/M.A. red,Ch.(406)/same Of Plutonia 11-:E/F photo+notes (LP-406) [SR-9956-11-:E/F],ls We Travel The HK-5445-:A/B pp,red+bl+wh void/P.P. or,Ch.(409)/same Spaceways photo, notes (LP-409) [ESR-5445-:A/B] Sun Man Speaks/ 986-:A/B paper sleeve or,Ch./same Messg. To Earthman 45rpm [986-:A/B] Interstellar SR-9956-2-: pp,red+wh nude,volcanoes/ bk,Ch.(203)/same Low Ways M/N notes (LP-203) [SR-9952-2-:M/N,sic] Holiday For SR-508-:A/B pp,bk+wh sun harp player/ lt-bl,Ch.(508)/ Soul Dance notes (ESR-508) same [SR-508-:A/B] Bad And Beautiful unknown- pp,bk+wh Ra et al./P.P. unknown-sealed sealed J.G. photo,notes (ESR-532) Art Forms Of Dim- KH-98766/ pp,bl+bk+wh "Sun Ra" logo/ red,Ch.(404)/same ensions Tomorrow CPLS-5421-F notes (LP-9956) [KH98766/CPLS5421-F] Secrets Of The Sun FG-9954-E/ pp,bk+wh C.Hall Ra space gold,Ch.(208)/same 9954-B art/notes (9954) [FG9954-E/GH9954-F] The Invisible A-144000/ pa,ho,hd,gen, Ra photo/ yel,Ch.(529)/same Shield B-144000 Ra autographed [144000-:A/B] When Angels Speak 1966-:A/B pp,gen,bk+wh C.Krider Ra red,Ch.,nal/same Of Love photo/same+"Sat.Res.,1975" [1966-:A/B] Cosmic Tones For KH-2772-:A/B pp,bl+red+wh Pedreguera/ bk,Th.,Ch.(408)/ Mental Therapy notes (408) same [KH-2772-:A/B] Other Planes Of KH-98766-: pp,bk+sil spiral/ red,Ch./same There A/B notes(LP KH-98766) [KH-98766-:A/B] Featuring Pharoah JHNY-165-: pa,ho,hd,M.A. photo/ ho,hd,hw,tw,nnl,Ch./ Sanders+B. Harold A/B tn (165) ho,hd,hw,tw,nnl,nal The Magic City 711-:A/B pp,bk+wh W.White art/ bl+wh,Th.,Ch.(403)/ notes (LPB-711) same [B-711-:A/B] Strange Strings KH-5472-:A/B pp,bk+wh C.Shabacon photo lt-bl,Ch.(502)/same collage art/ notes (502) [LPKH5472-A/none] Monorails And SR-509-:A/B pp,bk+wh R.Irvin art/same bk,Ch.(509)/same Satellites +notes (SR-509) [SR-509-:A/B] Monorails And 9691-:A/B pp,bl+wh R.Irvin art/same or,Ch.(519)/same Satellites V.2 +notes (519+ESR-9691) [ESR-9691:] My Brother The SRA-2000-B/ pa,hd, plant woman art/ ca,nal/same Wind V.2 (hybrid) 143000-A tn (522,sic) [142000A/143000A] Continuation 37363-NP/ pp,bk+or text art/ red,Ch.(520)/same 29691-A notes (ESR-520) [ESR:37363NP/29691] My Brother The SR-1970-:A/B pp,bk+wh wind god art/ cs,Ch.,nal/ca,nal Wind notes (ESR-521) [I4200/142000,sic) The Night Of The 1972-:A/B pp,purple+wh Ra+sphinx/ bl+wh,Ch.(522)/ Purple Moon notes (IR-522) same [IR1972-:A/B] Space Probe 142000-B/ pa, Ra from Secrets Of cs,Ch./same 14200-A The Sun/tn (14200) [I4200-A/I4200-B] Nature's God 1272-:A/B pa,ho,hd,nnj,ntj, Ra+ ca,nnl,nal/bk+yel, J.T.+M.A. photo/hw title Th.,Ch.[none/1272-B] Nature's God 1272-:A/B pp,nnj,ntj,brown Ra etc. bk+yel,Th.,Ch./ "Sun Ra In Egypt" entering tomb/notes same [1272-:A/B] Universe In Blue 5000-:A/B pp,bl Ra with red shades/ lt-bl,Ch.(200)/ red+bl U.A.+notes(ESR-200) same [ESR-5000:] Discipline 27-II SR-538-:A/B pp,multi-color art/ bl,Ch./same notes (538) [538-:A/B] Discipline 99 61674-:A/B pp,gen,mirrored Acropolis/ purple Ch./same smiling Ra photo [61674:] Cosmo-Earth 92074-:A/B pp,gen,mirrored Acropolis/ wh,gen,stamped Fantasy smiling Ra photo "SATURN"/same Cosmo-Earth 92074-:A/B pa,ho,hd,gen, J.T. photo/ hd,nnl,nal/ Fantasy Ra autographed hd,ho,hw,nnl,nal Live At Montreaux MS-87976-: pa,ho,hd,gen, U.A. photo/ wh,hw,gen/ Vol. 1 A/B blank same Live At Montreaux MS-87976-: pa,ho,hd,gen, Ra photo/ wh,hw,gen/ Vol. 2 C/D blank same My Favorite Things 101477-:A/B pa,purple man with ankh/ or,Ch.(747)/same tn (1014077) [1014077-:A/B] The Soul 771-:A/B pp,mul+lt-bl sun symbol+ bk,Ch.(771)/same Vibrations Of Man zodiac,nnj,ntj/prose [771-:A/B] Taking A Chance 772-:A/B pp,red+grn+yel Tonal View bk,Ch.(772)/same On Chances void art,tw (772)/blank [772-:A/B] Media Dream CMP-1978-: pa,bk+grn winged Vikings ca,nal/ca,bk+yel,nal C-A/D-B on keyboards/tn (19783) [C-A/D-B] Disco 3000 CMIJ-78-: pa,bk+wh Ra and grim cs,Ch.,nnl,nal/same A/B reaper/tn (CMIJ-78) Sound Mirror 1978-2:A/B pa,hd,silver disc/ hd,gen,no writing/ tn (19782) same Disco 3000(edit)/ DISCO-2100-: paper sleeve cs,Ch.,nnl,ls/same Sky Blues A/B 45rpm Blithe Spirit 72579-:A/B pa,ho,hd,gen, Ra photo/ wh,shiny,hd,nal/same Dance blank [72579:A/B] Omniverse 91379-:A/B pa,bk+wh tile spiral/ wh,shiny,nal/wh,nal, tn (91379) shiny,Ch.[91379:A/B] Omniverse 91379-:A/B pa,hd,hw title,dayglo Ra, dayglo red,Ph., nnj,ntj/hd nal/same [91379:A/B] On Jupiter 101679-:A/B pa,bk+wh tile spiral/ wh,shiny,hd,nal/same same+tn (101679) [101679:A/B] Sleeping Beauty 11-1-79-: pa,ho,hd,gen, Ra et al. wh,shiny,ho,hd,nal/ A/B photo/Ra autographed same [11-79:] Dance Of Innocent 1981-:A/B pp,gen,bl+bk+wh wings/ or,Ph.,nnl/same

Passion smiling Ra photo

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