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Re: the metagenesis of sunra

On Wed, 12 Oct 1994, al stanger wrote:

Citizens of the Omniverse, I stumbled across a copy of "The Metagenesis of Sunra" by Henry Dumas. (Yes, Sunra is spelled as one word.) Can anyone provide any information on this 1966 short fiction piece? Al Stanger

Well, this is amazing! I knew Hank Dumas in the mid-late 1960's around Rutgers. He was considered a talented poet, unfortunately later shot in a New York subway brawl by a cop -- the story was that Hank was trying to break up a fight when the cop showed and started blazing away. He was also friends with an artist, part of the same circle, whose name later appeared along with his cover art on a couple of Saturns: James McCoy (I still have some sketches of his, given to me in those days). The thing that is most amazing is the synchronicity of having just this month re-contacted (after decades) another friend from this circle (one of Hank's profs at Rutgers, actually, but also his friend and mentor) -- and now, he crops up on Internet. Gas!

Unfortunately, I didn't know of this publication under Hank's name -- very little had appeared at his death, to my knowledge, but friends brought out a posthumous volume collecting his work shortly after he was killed, altho I don't recall the title. Obviously I'd like to know more about this publication, too! Where did it appear? (I have no doubt it's the same Henry Dumas, given the coincidence of the associations & time; but if it IS another Henry Dumas, I apologise!)

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