Re: Video of Art Blakey with John Gilmore

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Re: Video of Art Blakey with John Gilmore

On Thu, 25 Aug 1994, Robert L. Campbell wrote:

Vlad, I think John's recording session with Elmo Hope was a one-shot deal (it was made on Aug. 19, 1963). Walt Dickerson was responsible for bringing in Gilmore, Boykins, and several other musicians who appeared on the date.

Aha! Thanks for that date!

Gilmore did play some gigs with Paul Bley (not all of them in 1964). My impression is that he was taking more outside work in 1964 but didn't actually leave the Ra fold till the Jazz Messengers went on the road. Maybe there was a transition period. John has some set stories that he tells about his time with Blakey. And he's admittedly bad with dates. If he's up to an extended conversation, maybe we can learn more. The last time I called the house, I talked to Jacson and didn't disturb John. I'll try again, though. rlc

Yes; it'd be nice to know more and if the poor cat is really ailing, time may be short. Thanks for responding!

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