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Re: Video of Art Blakey with John Gilmore

On Wed, 24 Aug 1994, Robert L. Campbell wrote:

Chris, You meant March 7 1965 for the Blakey video? That's consistent with what we know about Blakey's and Gilmore's recording activities in April 1965 and thereafter. But if Gilmore joined Buhaina in October 1964 that does call the June 15, 1964 date for Saturn IHNY 165 into doubt--why would Pharoah be on it when John was still in the fold? Could Featuring Pharoah Sanders really be from October 1964 (the October Revolution series) or from Four Days in December, with some changes in the titles? We'll get it all sorted out some day. rlc

Hi again! I think Gilmore may have been absent from Ra for more of 1964 than just from going with Blakey in October. Most of his records away from Ra were clustered there: with Elmo Hope (possibly as early as late 1963?); McCoy Tyner (Feb.'64, but of course Tyner was still with Coltrane then, altho I understand Gilmore was part of Tyner's group at some point); he made a Grant Green record date that month also (never issued) and the next month with Paul Bley. The first session with Andrew Hill was June '64 but I understand he & Andrew were just doing the records. Then Blakey that fall. Of course Gilmore could have been just going back & forth from the Arkestra up to touring with Blakey; has anybody asked him? He may be ill, but he's still alive & hopefully alert. Man, if I lived near Philly I'd try to go interview him!

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