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Re: Video of Art Blakey with John Gilmore

On Tue, 23 Aug 1994, Robert L. Campbell wrote:

Vlad, Thanks for the approximate date on Art Blakey's tour of Japan. That fits what I'd previously figured about John G's tenure. I checked my Lord discography this morning and found Blakey sessions in April 1965 (one released track, with Lucky Thompson) and May 1965 (Soulfinger, the first of several subpar albums, with Gary Bartz). Both of these seem to postdate John's departure. Could 070365 be March 7 1965, misread by an American as July 3? rlc

Could be -- the March 7/65 date seems more realistic than July. Yes, the Lucky Thompson cut was made in April '65 (a good track!) and obviously post-Gilmore since "S'Makeit" was November '64. (I agree the "Soulfinger" lp is a drag except for the cut with Lucky). Incidentally, someone lately mentioned missing hearing the few, short, conservative Gilmore solos on "S'makeit" -- they're there on my copy! One cut had Gilmore's solo restored on a Limelight anthology lp altho it had been edited out of "S'makeit" -- can't recall which tune. Incidentally, I've never heard the restored version, and unfortunately can't even recall the lp title of the anthology, but if anyone could pass on a cassette dub of the restored version (that, plus the soundtrack of the BBC video would be even better) I'll swap equal-time cassettes of whatever I can supply to whomever! I've had a low-quality dub of part of the BBC video for some years (not as many numbers as listed on the postings); picture fuzzed, sound not clear. Eventually I'd like to track down the complete video, possibly for use in my jazz history course, but my highest priority is hearing the whole soundtrack!

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