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On Tue, 5 Jul 1994, Robert L. Campbell wrote:

Eric did have a little contact with the Arkestra. In 1963, the Arkestra was playing at the Paradise (a gig that scarcely paid anything but got them a little more exposure than they'd had in New York up to that point). Eric used to come in and listen to Marshall Allen, so Tommy Hunter says. Hunter even claims that Marshall had some influence on Dolphy's style, but that was pretty much completely formed by 1963. By the way, Pharoah Sanders worked as a waiter at the Paradise. rlc

That's interesting! Wish I had time to get it into the 2nd edition of the Dolphy book, but when I approached DaCapo last month with another new discographical tidbit, they said it was too late (it's due out, I'm now told, in September). As for Dolphy's style, it was pretty well there in 1949 with Roy Porter's band (at least he's identifiable) and of course was pretty abstract (with flurries and torrents etc) by 1960-61. That's not to deny Marshall may have influenced him even earlier than that, however. Remember, Dolphy & Coltrane were jamming with Ornette as early as 1954; and, some of Marshall's early solos with Ra are pretty "out" for the day.

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