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J Johnson
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Birmingham activities

Saturnites: Just wanted to let you know about two Ra-related events in Birminghamm, Alabama. First, former Arkestran Jothan Callins and his 21st Century Agenda will be playing at the Birmingham Museum of Art. I believe Sept. 18 is the date, at 2:30 PM. Also, while this may be a bit early, in March 1995, the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame will be featuring a presentation on Sun Ra at the Carver Theatre. I'll post more information as it becomes available. Both events are free, I believe.

On a side note, can someone tell me more about 3 former Arkestrans: 1. Art Doyle: has anyone heard his LP on Thurston Moore's independent label? Where is Doyle from and how did he meet Sun Ra?

  1. the Torque-Tet: this CD features a former Arkestran who is now under a different name. A percussionist/drummer I believe. Can anyone help out here?
  2. What releases has Jothan Callins put out on his own? I have seen an LP (Joe?) but I didn't know if he had anything else out.

Oh yeah, the release date (subject to change) for the Cliff Jordan/ John Gilmore CD on Blue Note is Sept. 20.

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