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#1 Wed, 1994-08-17 06:30
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Re: New Book Out

Well, I finally managed to get back on the group after my mysterious removal from it a week ago by the Bitnet/Surfnet technology. Can anybody tell me what the @#%$%@% happened?

In the note regarding Desert island Discs for Ra, I too would be curious to see what others think are the "must haves".

By the way, thanks for all the recommendations for spoken word/poetry works: I received a number of recommendations, many I was not too familiar with- Jane Cortez (Ornette's ex), Kip Hanaran (sp?) and of course, LeRoi Jones (Amiri Baraka), who I may have a hard time fitting onto the radio. Seems that much of this kind of work is contained on Lps that are out of print or hard to find. Many thanks to the Saturnites who offered to help out with my show- much appreciated!

Finally, can anybody fill me in on what was talked about regarding compensating John Gilmore for tapes? Was a tape tree formed on here? I've been "disconnected" for about two weeks.

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