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#1 Mon, 1994-11-21 18:00
Ihor W Slabicky
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well, saturnites, it's time for me to travel the spaceways, from joblet to joblet... i got the "big L" on friday, so i am layed off and losing net access. ijwts "good bye" to one of the best bunches of folks on the bignet! we've done a lot to spread the word about sun ra, and we've helped each other as well. i'll miss y'all! if you see trudy, wish her a happy birthday for me. and everyone, THANKS! and lots of :-) :-) :-)

but, it's also dumb question time - i have to get off this mailing list, but i've been on so long i forgot how to do it! can anybody tell me the 'unsubscribe' message format, and what address to send it to? thanks! :-)

we travel the spaceways, from planet to planet...

I-) ihor