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#1 Thu, 1994-09-01 04:34
Eric R Hardiman
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Re: Sun Ra Film

Dr. Kuchelmeister mentioned in yesterday's informative posting re: the Swiss exhibit a film entitled "Mr. Ra in Europe". Has anybody heard of or seen this? Are there any other such films or european tv broadcasts, etc... that are floating around (other than the usual, more mainstream ones)? Also, I have heard from a friend that a video bootleg show from Freedom Plaza in DC ('90 summer I think) is available through bootleg channels. ANyone seen this either?

Thanks to Dr. Kuchelmeister for the info regarding the Ra exhibit. It sounds wonderful. Would be nice if something of that caliber could be put on in the states. (Keep dreaming, right!!!)

Thanks for any help in video info....

ERIC HARDIMAN [] Washington, DC