Saturn Research Arkestra - June 2 - Chicago

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Saturn Research Arkestra - June 2 - Chicago

I thought this might be of interest; sorry that it has taken me so long to post (only just got back from the trip).

Arrived in Chicago June 1 and found the concert listed in the Chicago Reader; it took place June 2 in the James R Thompson Center. I have a programme - the concert is billed as El Saturn Research and Saturn Research Arkestra Presents a Tribute to Sun Ra.

The concert opened with a short talk and thumb piano performance by Phil Corhan.

The Arkestra comprised Vandy Harris (tenor); Jodie Christian (piano); Malachi Favors (bass); Robert Griffin (trumpet); Maia (flute); Boaz McGee (baritone); Afifi (drums); Aye Aton (drums). The program claims that both drummers are former members of the Sun Ra Saturn Research Arkestra (sic). Everyone also on vocals.

Programme details are Entrance (Ra); Ode to Sun Ra (Harris); Sun Ra's Dance (Harris); Sabacon (Harris); Milky Way (Ra); Space Is The Place (Ra).

Entrance was a medley including various old favourites (We travel The Spaceways, etc.). Milky Way was very familiar (probably Carefree - but I need to check this).

Just before the intermission local poet Malachi Ajaya recited some stuff in the play-on-words vein.

Musically - everyone played in their usual style. Harris is especially apt, I think, there is an other-worldliness to his playing (what a pity he seems to have recorded so little).

The other interesting thing about the concert was that Alton Abraham was in the audience (which totalled maybe forty). I don't know if this is widely known, but here are telephone and fax numbers for the infamous El Saturn PO Box (tel 312 768 1390 - fax 312 768 4765); I

don't know whether calling them gets a reply.

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