"sun ra notes & numbers" // "Black Myth"

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"sun ra notes & numbers" // "Black Myth"

The regional radio station over here, "Radio Bayern 2" (Radio Bavaria, 2nd program - in Germany) broadcasts a 6-part series on Robert Lax, - authors are Sigrid Hauff (first 3 parts) and Hartmut Geerken (last 3 parts).

Past Friday, the contribution "sun ra notes & numbers" was on. This was about one hour broadcast on Sun Ra. After that, the program brochure said there will be "art mix, a music broadcast" for about another hour. To my big amazement, and this was also echoed by Hartmut Geerken who called me on the phone yesterday and told me his surprise, the "art mix" was a broadcast of the entire "Black Myth" CD, the Donaueschingen concert, from October 17th, 1970, which is available on CD, -- a 2 CD set, together with the Berlin concert from November 7th, 1970; this 2 CD set "Black Myth / Out in Space" has been released by MotorJazz, 557656-2, (1998) -- the news were here on this very SATURN mailing list.

BTW, the "sun ra notes & numbers" is available on CD, as part of a 3 CD box set entitled "lax, readings & realisations", in which one CD contains "sun ra notes & numbers" and "the family", both by Robert Lax. The last mentioned piece, "the family", features original music by John Gilmore, never released before! This information has been here on SATURN before, too. The 3 CD set is available for DM 78 from the publisher: Gertraud Scholz Verlag, Weinbergstr. 11, D 90587 Obermichelbach, Germany; Order number is: ISBN 3-925599-41-X.