Wesleyan University concert

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#1 Thu, 1995-05-04 09:25
Robert Campbell
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Wesleyan University concert


The mysterious Connecticut gig took place yesterday at Wesleyan University. I heard about it (after the fact) from John Szwed. The Arkestra was in pretty good shape, though the extensive use of riffs indicated that they were relying on their jamming skills a lot (pretty standard since Sunny stopped playing). Marshall started out poorly, but improved quickly. Charles Davis was on hand and was featured extensively on baritone; he and Billy Bang were both in good form, especially on a nice version of "Face the Music." Buster Smith is now touring with another group and Craig Haynes was the drummer. He played well, though John thought his touch was a little soft for a band of that size (of course, most drummers would sound that way after Buster, who favored the locomotive approach).

There was a wheelchair at the back of the stage for John Gilmore, but reportedly he didn't want to come out of the van. It is clear that depression, as well as physical infirmities, are weighing heavily on him.