nods to sun ra

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David Ewing
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nods to sun ra

Trudy writes:

Andy. Was interested in your message. Who is Chris Cutler? Do you know him? Have you address for him? Was sent a very Scholarly article on Sun Ra by him. Very heavy stuff. Want to be in touch with him.

I'm not Andy and I don't personally know Chris Cutler, but I know some of his music. Chris Cutler was originally the drummer for the British avant-garde band Henry Cow (along with Fred Frith (guitar/viola) and others). He then went on to play in the Art Bears (also with Frith, and Dagmar Krause - previously the vocalist in Slapp Happy). Since then he has shown up working in various projects - David Thomas' Pedestrians, etc. Andrew Bartlett mentioned his current project, (EC) Nudes ???, but I have never heard them.

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