Chicago Festival

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#1 Wed, 1994-12-21 07:31
Patrick Gallagher
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Chicago Festival

Well, I finally met with Mauguerite Horberg from the Hothouse, and she is committed to putting on a Sun Ra festival during the Chicago Jazz Festival (labor day weekend). We hoping for at least two nights and hopefully three. She also wants members of the Arkestra to attend. There are three independent festivals that occur after the free fest in Grant Park, but in past years all three have had overflow crowds. Plus a get together like this with such music, pageantry and poetry should have no problem pulling in the obsessed and well as the curious. Our next step is to acquire a grant for flying in and housing all willing musicians (including the Arkestra).

I am also a member of the Jazz Institute of Chicago (the organizers of the main festival). We are hoping to have an AACM 30th anniversary show at Grant Park that same weekend. If both can be pulled off, it would be wonderful.

I'll keep the group informed of any further developments. Thanks for your help. I simply copied E-Mail from our group and the idea sold itself. Patrick Gallagher

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