"No was the answer"

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#1 Tue, 2002-01-22 02:39
Margaret Grimes
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"No was the answer"

John Wright, jp786@iglou.com , wrote, in part: >

I have taped some sun ra shows before. Last night I asked permission for the first time. No was the answer. I have in my collection over 120 bought cd's and records. 16.00 times 120 = 1920.00 buck a roos... [etc.]

John, do you know whom you asked for permission & who gave you the "no" answer? Was it Maestro Marshall Allen, another Arkestra member, one of the business persons around the Arkestra, or someone presenting the concert? I'm just curious about that, though of course no is no in any case, & I'm glad you asked, 'cause that's as it should be.

As to the matter of your $1,92O's worth of purchased recordings, surely you don't mean that you didn't get your money's worth.

Margaret http://www.jazznewyork.org

P.S. to Sue P: Who's attempting to silence whom? I didn't quite get your reference: >

and we are glad you keep talking.... when the[y] silence you in the morning they will be coming for me in the afternoon. Space"

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