APB on the situation in Phi

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Robert Campbell
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APB on the situation in Phi

Saturnians and Saturnites,

We know that the Arkestra hasn't been getting any gigs. I just heard today from Susan Perlstein in the Bay Area that the situation is a lot worse than that. John and James Jacson and Tyrone Hill have been too proud to admit it, but yesterday John (who talks to her regularly) broke down and said that none of them have a penny, that they can't afford food or medicine or even firing up the furnace in the house. He estimated that they'll need $2000 to make it to the end of the year.

First, anyone who can help should make a contribution, even a small one. I know that Jerry Gordon gave them several boxes of CDs for them to sell a couple of weeks ago, but that's just a beginning.

Second, does anyone know how to reach Bill Cosby? Cosby's supposedly admired John since pre-1956 in Chicago and has offered to help in the past. Obviously, he'd have no trouble writing a check now.

On a happier note, Susan has many tapes of Bay Area concerts not listed in the discography. And she's interested in starting tape trees for concerts of broader interest. But first things first.