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Robert Campbell
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Seeker after information on

Mail*Link(r) SMTP Seeker after information on Rahsaan

Hi folks,

We had a few peripheral discussions of Rahsaan Roland Kirk on this net about a year ago.

I recall that Mike Fitzgerald mentioned that Rahsaan was fond of Pepsi--and benzedrine. And that Ra once said that Rahsaan was "possessed by a demon."

Can anyone help this person out?


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I received your address through a Veronica search on the above subject. I have a student who is desperately searching for information on this musician. If you have any biographical information that you would like to share, please send to the below address or internet. I would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you.

J Gushiken Holmen High School 1001 Mc Hugh Rd. Holmen, WI 54636


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