your emails come to our house

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cheryl workman
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your emails come to our house

I enjoy them. Please take time to read mine. Your group might be able to help my friend. Please read mine and see if you can help. Anything you can suggest or do would be appreciated.

There is a wonderful woman here in Fort Collins, (well now really, there are many wonderful women here in Fort Collins). But I want to talk about one in particular. Her name is Doctor Initha Valerie Stuckey. What an incredible person she is. Meeting her has been such a gift for me. I know our friendship is destined to be long and strong. I want you to know a bit about her. Dr. Stuckey is fifty five years old. She is African American. She is the mother of six children; two are still living at home with her. She is an amputee, having lost her right leg when she was eighteen in a hit and run accident. A side note here is that it was while she was in the hospital recovering from this accident that she received her acceptance letter to Stanford University, where she would go to pursue her medical career.

In the late nineties and early part of the '00' 's, Dr. Stuckey created a home healthcare business. She made house calls to seniors that were on Medicare and Medicaid. This service was available to serve both English and Spanish speaking patients (Dr. Stuckey is bi-lingual). She hired one employee, a business manager who also did the billing. This left her free to be a clinician. That is where her passion has always been.

Now to the point. Valerie did not keep a watchful eye on her manager. She allowed him the freedom to run her business without supervision. Can you guess what happens next in this story? Valerie was indited for Medicare theft. Her manager had been overpaying himself by falsely charging the government for services never provided. He left town when the investigation began. She surrendered her medical license. The state demanded a conviction and got it. Valerie got a job at MacDonalds , not an easy vocation for an amputee.

It has been about seven years now since that legal hurricane hit Valerie's life. She has stayed faithful to her values and kept an open heart. She is as kind and loving as a person can be, even though the challenges of her life continue. She is in a catch twenty two, she needs to get a job in order to pay bills, support her family, and address the monetary requirements of reinstating her medical license; but she cannot get a high enough paying job because of her legal history.

She has, at this point completely met all the criteria to successfully satisfy her probation. She was actually released early. The only thing keeping her from practicing medicine is money. She wants so much to be able to return to her chosen field and serve the elderly and others in need again. All of the documentation concerning Valerie is available for examination. Twice she was featured in our local Colradoan newspaper for her humanitarian service to others. these articles are available as well.

My friend Valerie made some mistakes. She did not use good judgement in choosing her office manager. She did not closely monitor his work. She focused only on the part of her business that she found personally rewarding. But she has learned from those mistakes. She plans to take courses in business administration as soon as possible.

I am writing to you on behalf of Dr. Stuckey. If you feel moved to contribute to a fund that is earmarked for the reinstatement of her medical license, please do so. Please contact me for further information. This is a charitable donation and may be applied to this years taxes. It is getting close to that time of year again.

In conclusion, I must thank you for taking the time to have read this long email. Time is a precious commodity in our culture. Please take a few more moments to ask your still small voice if are meant to be a part of this. We need $4,500. Any amount you can send to help reach that goal would be very much appreciated. My donation is twenty dollars and this email. If you want to send this email on to other people please feel free to do so. Again, thank you so much for your help.

Your friend, family member,and/or co-worker,

Cheryl Workman 970-690-4594

2501 Bison Road

Fort Collins, CO 80525

P.S. If President Bush can ask the American people for a trillion dollars bailout, then I figure I can ask for one for my friend too