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Trudy Morse
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Re: Hi Darlings

Michael, really don't understand what is the problem, but happy to tell you I talked to Cecil, the Jan 23-29 date seems OK, but, of course, before you make the trip, please E-Mail, and I'll confirm.

He does want to meet the musicians, and even hear them play! Saw David Wessel when he recently appeared on my Science and Music program which I sponsor at Harvard. My understanding is that he will set up a program at Berkeley on January 30 (Monday), for the musicians to perform.

Please contact Vijay on the list to confirm, and ask to be on the program

You know having been raised by six children who wanted a conforming mom, I'm afraid my image of myself is really quite low. Especially with the uproar from Terrance (whoever he is!).

Anyway, I spent four days with Anthony Braxton, and his students. Michael, he is so very structured, very different from Sun Ra, and the rest of you. You know how puzzled I am about the anomalous phenomenon of total strangers meeting and creating such magic.

Well, here I was among students struggling with extraordinary difficult music, and I was so afraid that anything I might do might distract them from their music.

Anthony asked me if I just wanted to improvise the poetry, but I told him I would feel better being directed like the rest of the orchestra.

Believe me, this was quite a new experience. I came in when he directed me to, the students were playing from their music, but I performed the poetry in my usual manner, improvised.

I'll be with a delightful group from Montreal at Tallahassee New Music Festival, Jan 10-14. Home for awhile, and then to San Francisco. Can't wait to see you again!

Affectionately, Trudy

DATE: Thu, 10 Nov 1994 14:42:31 -0800 FROM: Michael Monhart monhartm@U.WASHINGTON.EDU

So that we don't start another round of mailboxes filled with `trash Trudy because she sent out personal Email to the list" messages, lets call a halt to this thread and I will take it upon myself to contact her when she returns from her latest trip and try to figure out where the problem is. Michael Monhart

On Thu, 10 Nov 1994, terence e martin wrote:

I also am appalled by the the lack of consideration shown by some (otherwise valuable) contributors to SATURN who have not taken the trouble to learn (at least I hope that's the reason) to use personal Email. It is likely that continuation of this practice will cause the loss of contributors from the list.

terry martin