FWD: Playlist for "Nubian Roots" 90.1 KZSU, Stanford, 18-Nov-1994

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FWD: Playlist for "Nubian Roots" 90.1 KZSU, Stanford, 18-Nov-1994

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Playlist for "Nubian Roots" 90.1 KZSU, Stanford

Friday 06:00-09:00 November 18, 1994 DJ Cat

cathya@gain.com http://kzsu.stanford.edu/dj/cathya.html

  1. Strata Institute Slang Cipher Syntax
  2. Cassandra Wilson Redbone After the Beginning Again
  3. Mal Waldron Status Seeking The Quest
  4. Rodney Kendrick Dance, World,Dance Dance,World, Dance
  5. The Last Poets Jazzoetry Chastisement
  6. Leroy Jenkins Albert Ayler (His Life The Legend of Ai Glatson was too short)
  7. Albert Ayler Holy Ghost The New Wave in Jazz (orig)
  8. Ernest Dawkins Maghost Two South Side Street Songs New Horizon Ens.
  9. Sun Ra Somewhere in Space Interstellar Low Ways "" Interplanetary Music ""
  10. Billy Bang Seeing Together Outline No. 12
  11. Bang/Harris/ Riding with Ra hip hop be bop Threadgill
  12. 8 Bold Souls Lonely Woman Side Show
  13. John Coltrane Blues Minor Africa Brass
  14. Grachan Moncur III Medgar's Menace II Echoes of Prayer Drum Transition African Percussion
  15. Geri Allen Stop the World Twylight
  16. David S. Ware Stritchland Great Bliss Vol 2
  17. Beaver Harris Is Glo There ? From Rag Time to No Time 360 Degree Music Dawn in Brazil Experience African Drums No Time
  18. Music Revelation In Time In the Name Of...
  19. Maleem Mahmoud Peace in Essaouira The Trance of 7 Colors Ghania/Sanders
  20. John Carter The Mating Ritual Dauwhe
  21. Betty Carter Love Notes Feed the Fire