Amoeba sells Omniverse

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Amoeba sells Omniverse

The "Omniverse Sun Ra" book, by Hartmut Geerken, and published by himself, has attracted more resellers in the US. While it has been available from Jazz Record Center in New York before, now also California will have it, and you almost could guess it where:

Amoeba Music
2455 Telegraph Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94704
Tel (510) 549-1125

For prices and availability, please contact them directly.

As for Jazz Record Center, I think currently they are out of stock, but will have more in a few weeks time again. Anyway, here is their reference:

Jazz Record Center
236 West 26th Street
8th Floor
New York
Tel: (212) 675-4480

And of course, you also may order from Geerken directly, - if you need more details on that, such as his price, address, I could email this to you on simple request...

I also wanted to remind of the other book, by Bob Campbell: The Earthly Recordings of Sun Ra published by Cadence Jazz Books You can order it from: Cadence Cadence Building Redwood NY 13679-9612 USA Tel (315) 287-2852 FAX (315) 287-2860

Now, did I rumble too much? -