Sound of Joy on CD at last

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Sound of Joy on CD at last

Saturnians and Saturnites,

Those of you who were wondering when Bob Koester would ever run out of LP copies of "Sound of Joy" can breathe easier. The CD version is out. According to John Szwed, it has the same (slightly inaccurate) liner notes but includes the two unreleased cuts with Clyde Williams. Well, actually, it includes "Dreams Come True" (already out on Saturn and Evidence) and one previously unreleased number called "As You Once Were." It seems as we learn more about the Chicago years the number of sessions is actually going down, not up.

A couple of other minor revelations. I finally heard a tape of Saturn L08W0114/0115, "Space Loneliness" and "State Street" (many thanks to Otto Flueckiger for taping his copy--the tape sounds great and one track will be used by Evidence). Funny thing, though. "Space Loneliness" is the same world-weary performance we all know from the Interstellar Low Ways album. We now know that this is the version that Ra and some of the band members took to a Chicago radio station in 1960. Phil Cohran remembers that a woman called the station afterward and said, "It sounds like a creature from the center of the earth that crawled to the surface and died." "State Street" is really unfamiliar--a snappy arrangement of the tune for the great 1960 band: Gilmore, Allen, Cohran, Boykins, and Jon Hardy. The recording's so good it must be from the fabled Hall Recording Co. marathon of June 1960.

Thanks to John Szwed (more interviews with Tommy Hunter) and Anthony Barnett (Stuff Smith discographer, who points out that Stuff left Chicago at the end of 1952) we now have a date for "Deep Purple." It isn't from 1953 at all. It's a real Sonny Blount product. Tommy Hunter was there when they made it, and he places it between November 1948 (when Stuff arrived in Chicago) and mid-1949 (when a trio with Sonny and Bugs went out to play behind the curtain in the strip joints of Calumet City). Hunter says that only one piece was recorded because recording tape was expensive and Sonny didn't have much left.