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Thanks for the info, everyone. I ordered Campbell's 2nd edition today, and will submit any differences I find, and if supplemental info could be posted on the website, that would be great. Rocky

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I'm the one who sent them to Rocky, and I'd like to get complete setlists too! Some of these concerts do not appear in the Moudry site tapeography at all. . .

Unless I'm mistaken, that online tape listing hasn't been seriously updated since October 1993 when it was decided that a print book would be published. After that date, the place to go for such information became "The Earthly Recordings of Sun Ra," which is now in its second edition from Cadence Books. If that book doesn't list the items you're talking about, the information needs to get passed on to Campbell and Trent so that it can make the third(?!) edition. I am sure there are items that are not in the second edition, but I am even more sure that there are many in the second edition that are not on the website.


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Mike very accurately outlines the limitations of the Tape-Ography on Saturn Web. When I first approached Robert Campbell about placing his listings on the Web he agreed, but needed to check things out with the head-honcho at Cadence. After lots of discussion it was agreed that the Tape-Ography wouldn't compete with the printed version of the Earthlies. However, since the first edition is history and the second selling well, I'm not personally opposed to updating and adding to the Tape-Ography, time and accurate information willing.


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