It is just me or..

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Patrick Gallagher
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It is just me or..

am I receiving numerious personal messages addressed to other people in my mail box. This is no flame, but I am curious if all these messages are intended for my eyes.

Speaking of the WWW, a very interesting site is maintained by Northwestern University. It has assembled a number of jazz information sources. It does include Cadence Music Listing, a searchable database. Also try The All Music Guide located at gopher:// It contains quite a bit on Sun Ra. The following is the introduction. It's also followed by profiles on about forty albums (not included here):

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Artist : Sun Ra Genre : Jazz Style : Big band, Post-bop, Early free, Progressive big band, Modern creative, Indie Instr. : Piano, bandleader, composer Rating : importance (1) popularity (1)

                 All-Music Guide Biography

Piano, bandleader, composer. Celestial traveller and master of the swing tradition, Sun Ra remains the most wonderfully confounding figure in the entire spectrum of jazz (or, make that music in general). Rocketing out of Chicago in the mid 50s, the Arkestra created sounds that defied their time and place, with perhaps a closer kinship to the great Black orchestras of the prewar years, than the then-current bop stylings. Already notable were the excellent line of soloists, the long-term members like Marshall Allen, Pat Patrick, and John Gilmore, acknowledged as a substantial influence upon John Coltrane. There were also the lesser-known players, such as the brilliant Hobart Dotson and alto player James Spaulding. Even Ra's own keyboard work is fascinating, with electric piano and even primitive synthesizers popping up in the mix.,By the time THE MAGIC CITY was released at the turn of the 60s, Ra had cut his earthly ties and began operations in the free-jazz territories, a pattern for better than the next decade and a half. Strengthing his usage of African lore, the Arkestra can clearly be seen as a forerunner of later groups such as the Art Ensemble of Chicago. When some were shocked to find Ra's eventual return to swing, we could safely say that once again, Sun Ra was way ahead of the "New Traditionalists." With the exhaustive Saturn catalog finally being unravelled, the time for the discovery of Sun Ra is here and now. ~

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